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Tactical Paramedic Loadout 3: The Aid Bag/Indirect Threat Care

March 9, 2016

In the last two articles in the series we’ve looked at first line gear, which are the things we always carry, and second line gear for use in the Direct Threat Care phase. In this segment I’ll offer some suggestions for third line gear. This is the equipment we’re carrying to manage casualties in the… Read More ›

Happy Veterans Day

We at Specmed would like to thank all service members current and past for their selfless service to our country and way of life.  Both Jim and I are military veterans, not a day goes by we are not thankful for all that our armed service men and women do. Good bless you all.

Farewell, Ross.

As a mentor and friend, you will not be forgotten.New York State Trooper Dies After Fall During Training


Welcome to SpecMed. We are two paramedics in the Rochester, NY area who do urban and rural paramedicine, critical care transport, tactical paramedicine, and prehospital toxicology. We’ll be using this space to share information on these topics, and as time goes on this site will grow. Stay posted.