Trauma Care Essentials/Stop the Bleed

Trauma Care Essentials is offered to non-medical-professionals who appreciate the necessity of basic lifesaving skills in the modern world. It introduces preparedness-minded citizens to such concepts as situational awareness, stress response, bleeding control, patient assessment and movement, and airway management.

TCE is offered in a series of three, two-hour modules. Module one includes (but is not limited to) the Stop the Bleed curriculum, and participants are awarded a Stop the Bleed certificate upon successful completion. Module two builds proficiency in basic airway and respiratory management, and introduces comprehensive patient assessment and movement techniques. Module three is a capstone experience that builds upon the previous two modules and introduces students to stress innoculation training with high fidelity simulation.

The three modules may be scheduled on different days or as a single continuous training day. Upon completion of all three modules, students will be prepared to demonstrate proficiency in the entirety of the TECC First Care Provider scope of care. It is suggested that participants review these guidelines prior to attending class.

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