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Hypothermia Treatment and Prevention Tools

Let’s say that you are the medic in a search party looking for someone who has been lost for several hours in upstate New York’s less-than-forgiving winter. Let’s go one step further and say that you find them, and they’re cold. What tools do you have to deal with the temperature issues? Throw a traumatic… Read More ›

TECC Pediatric Appendix

For those unfamiliar, TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) is the counterpart to TCCC in the setting of civilian law enforcement. TECC has recently released a draft of a pediatric-specific guideline. Per TECC, this guideline should not be considered evidence based:  Using a combination of review of existing literature, current and anecdotal best practices, and based… Read More ›

TCCC Handbook Fall 2013

For those interested, I’ve uploaded a copy of the latest TCCC guidelines. This handbook represents the most current doctrine in tactical combat casualty care. This document is essential reading for any tactical or combat provider and is recommended for all EMS providers, as there are many commonalities between combat medicine and prehospital care. There is… Read More ›

Do We Need Combat Gauze?

There has been an ongoing discussion in the local tactical medicine community regarding the results of some of the research on hemostatic gauze, with the takeaway point being the position that wound packing with standard gauze is as effective as packing with combat gauze and other hemostatic agents for hemorrhage control. This position seems to… Read More ›

Needle Thoracostomy Research and Finger Thoracostomy as a Definitive Intervention

TCCC and most EMS protocols list needle thoracostomy as the intervention of choice in the management of a suspected tension pneumothorax. There is a significant amount of recent, relevant research regarding needle thoracostomy for chest decompression. Three studies examine the question of the optimal site to use for thoracostomy. A cadaver study found that the fifth… Read More ›

Dr. Jamie Syrett on neonatal and OB resuscitation, driver resuscitation.

Thursday evening, Newark Wayne Community Hospital welcomed EMS providers to its new emergency department, which will be opening next month. Dr. Jamie Syrett presented on two topics. The first was resuscitation of the neonate and the pregnant female. Points of interest included: Neonatal resuscitation: Transition away from APGAR scores to a classification of normal/purely cyanotic… Read More ›