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Body Armor: Not Just for TEMS?

February 21, 2014

In September, FEMA released a guideline for EMS and fire response to active killer events, which it terms AS/MCI’s. Quoted here are the salient operational points, emphasis added: Considerations should be made for all potential first responders, including LE patrol officers, to be trained to the basic tenets of TECC. Training, equipment and protocols around… Read More ›

Hypothermia Treatment and Prevention Tools

Let’s say that you are the medic in a search party looking for someone who has been lost for several hours in upstate New York’s less-than-forgiving winter. Let’s go one step further and say that you find them, and they’re cold. What tools do you have to deal with the temperature issues? Throw a traumatic… Read More ›

Fasciotomy to relieve compartment syndrome

Crush Injury, Crush Syndrome, and Compartment Syndrome

Because they are both sequelae of crush injuries, crush syndrome and compartment syndrome are often confused by prehospital providers. Crush injury Any mechanism that causes the entrapment and compression of muscle tissue is a crush injury that can eventually lead to both crush syndrome and compartment syndrome. Time under compression and the integrity of the… Read More ›