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Tactical Paramedic Loadout 3: The Aid Bag/Indirect Threat Care

In the last two articles in the series we’ve looked at first line gear, which are the things we always carry, and second line gear for use in the Direct Threat Care phase. In this segment I’ll offer some suggestions for third line gear. This is the equipment we’re carrying to manage casualties in the… Read More ›

Tactical Paramedic Loadout 2: Fighting Load/Direct Threat Care

Second line gear consists of those things carried on the vest or plate carrier, helmet, and possibly a battle belt (again, depending on when you put the battle belt on). It comprises those things that serve to make the medic combat effective and able to sustain an operation, callout, or conflict, and also expands on… Read More ›

Tactical Paramedic Loadout 1: Essentials

This is the first of four parts on the topic of tactical medic loadout. When I joined the tactical team, I was given a great degree of autonomy over how I would organize my personal equipment and even what equipment I would carry. “Set it up however you want” was the order. While I appreciated… Read More ›

Salicylate toxicity

So when we think about a salicylate in medicine what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of us would probably spring back with acetylsalicylic acid, ASA. Aspirin is a common source of salicylates, but there are so many products available on the market that are unsuspecting. A list from salicylatesensitivity.com includes: Acne… Read More ›