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Resources for Right Ventricular MI and Cardiogenic Shock

January 9, 2015

The following resources deal with the topics of right ventricular infarction, proximal RCA occlusion, and cardiogenic shock. Life in the Fast Lane: Right Ventricular Infarction Circulation: Cardiogenic Shock Weingart on Cardiogenic Shock Right Ventricular Infarction: Specific Requirements of Management Inferior MI Approach to Hemodynamic Shock and Vasopressors

Ventilator Management Part Two, 10/16

The second and final unit of our new ventilator management training program is scheduled for October 16 at Livingston County EMS, 1700 until approximately 2000. This unit focuses on the role of ventilators in the interfacility and specialty care/critical care role. Te intended audience is SCT/MICU paramedics or those with an interest in those areas… Read More ›

Ventilator Management Class 9/25

SpecMed is excited to announce the inaugural offering of our new ventilator management training program. Part one will be held September 25 at Livingston County EMS, 1800 until approximately 2100. This unit focuses on the role of ventilators in the prehospital environment with an eye toward the paramedic level of care, although all levels are… Read More ›

Post-Intubation Sedation

Sam and I have had a few transports recently that have been challenging from a sedation standpoint, either because of difficulties at the sending facility, complex pathophysiology, or poor hemodynamics. So Scott Weingart’s most recent podcast entitled A New Paradigm for Post-Intubation Pain, Agitation, and Delirium is rather timely. There are numerous studies showing that what we have… Read More ›

Burn Care Before The Burn Center

I had a great chance to listen to an old friend talk about burn care last night. Kristen Murphy is a CCRN and coordinator at URMC’s Kessler Burn Center. With so little time spent learning about burn patients, it was nice to have a refresher. So while most of this will serve as just that,… Read More ›

A Quick Look at the King Vision

The King Vision (KV) has emerged as the prehospital video laryngoscope of choice within the local EMS regions. As such, many providers may be seeking information and training on this device. King Systems provides a series of videos offering an overview and operational guidelines on its use. Some highlights from these videos: The blade must be… Read More ›

Acid/Base: Another Look (Part I)

In the critical care transport setting, the importance of the arterial blood gas is frequently neglected. All too often I have watched as everyone from physicians to paramedics overlooked this important factor in trending patient care. We remember blood pressure and heart rate, but may neglect the importance of pH and other blood gas values. We learn… Read More ›

Death by Laryngoscope!!

Very informative presentation series by Scott Weingart, MD.  Dr. Weingart puts on a great critical care blog on EMCRIT.org. Take the time to check it out if you haven’t already. Great points regarding peri-intubation care. Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon Series – Hemodynamic Kills

The Crashing Asthmatic

A great presentation by Andy Neil of Emergency Medicine Ireland. Ventilator management is discussed toward the end of the video; again we see the emphasis for vent management of an obstructive pathology is to deliver breaths quickly and allow plenty of time for expiration.

Medsystem III Infusion Management

The following are some tips to keep in mind when working with the Medsystem III pumps. There are also some general tips not applying specifically to these pumps, but which make moving patients with multiple infusions running easier. The key to making this system work in the transport environment is to avoid “air in line”… Read More ›